Can I take My Knowledge Test at Seattle Driving Academy?

Seattle Driving Academy offers DOL driver license knowledge and skills tests. First,  Pre-apply online before you make an appointment. Completing this process will get you a number beginning with “WDL.” This will be your future driver's license number, and you will need to take your knowledge test and the driving test

Can I practice driving without a Driving Permit?

No, you cannot Practice driving on public roads without your instruction permit. You must carry it whenever you drive on a public roadway.

Note:  International permits or foreign driver's licenses are NOT valid for driving for more than 30 days if you reside in WA. They are good for one year if you are a visitor. Since we do not verify, we do not allow adult student drivers to practice with a foreign driver's license.

I am an adult. How can I get my Instruction permit?

You may come to our driving school to take your official DOL written knowledge Exam and pass your Test with an 80%  or higher. You must get at least 32 questions right out of 40 questions. After passing the knowledge test, you may be able to get your Driving permit online or in person at driver's license offices. 

I am an adult. How much do driving lessons cost?

We offer different packages and services for adult student drivers, each priced differently. Please go to the "Services" page and see what we offer.

How can I sign up for my adult driving lessons?

1. Go to our "Services" and "adult driver training" Page. Click the link below


2. choose the best package for you depending on your experience level. 

3. If you choose the Driving lessons that include pickup and drop-offs, ensure you are in the school-approved pickup and drop-off zone. Downtown, Lower Queen Ann, Belltown, Pioneer Square, Capital Hill,  Sodo South Seattle, Beacon Hill, South Lake Union, First Hill, Madison Park, Mount Baker neighborhood, Colombia City Seattle, Madrona, and other neighborhoods. If your location is not on the list, please call before you purchase.

4. Check our schedule first before you purchase any driving lessons package. You may start the lesson the next day or need to plan for one or two weeks before you even start driving. If our schedule works for you, buy and book the package online. Pickup and drop-off lessons are   1 1/2 hours long lesson. However, drive times will be 80 minutes. Once you book your lesson, the instructor will be at your location to pick you up or start from where you live, depending on your level of experience, and then drop you off after the lesson ends.

I am under 18 years old. How can I get my permit?

  • Register for the Teen Drivers education, and then we will send E-waiver to the department of licensing for you to apply for the Instruction permit. You need to email us your WDL# for us to send the waiver. If you do not have a WDL#, please pre-apply for it. 
  • Here is the Link to Pre-apply. https://secure.dol.wa.gov/home/serviceType.aspx
  •   Once you complete the course, you will take The official  DOL written exam, and after six months of practice, you will also take the driving skill test to get your driving license.

Do I need to take a written test to get a permit if I am enrolled in Teen Drivers Ed?

  • No, you do not need to take the written knowledge test to get your driving permit as long as you are enrolled in the Teen Drivers Ed Course.

I have a permit, but it has been over a year, and it's expired. Can I renew it?

  • Your Driving permit card expires in one year. The written Test is good for two years, so you may go to the DOL and renew your permit without retaking the written Test. Or you may renew it online.

How do I get ready for the written knowledge test?

  • Read the WA drivers guide; you may get it from the DMV or pick one up from our school. The king county public library may have them too.                            OR                                                                   
  • Download The WA State Driver Guide

How old do I have to be to take the permit test if I am not enrolled in Teen driver Ed.?

  • You must be 15 ½ or older to take the written Test if you have not enrolled in Teen driver Ed.

How long does it take to take the Test?

  • Some people finish it in 12 minutes. Some take 40 minutes. However, we allow 40 minutes. It has 40 questions; you must get 32 correct answers to pass the Test.

How is the written Test given?

  • It's a written paper test. Currently, the Test is not computer-based, only on the paper test.

How many times can I take the written Test?

  • No limitation. We offer $40 for two attempts with In 30 days

Can I take my driving test on the same day if I pass my written Test?

  • We may conduct your driving skill test on the same day, depending on your level of skill and our availability.

If I need a warmup driving practice before my driving test, can I do that the same day with an Instructor/examiner?

  • Yes, It costs you $145.00 for 30 minutes of warmup driving practice with a school car before you take your Test. Then, you may bring your driving test after you get feedback from the driving instructor/examiner.

I do not know how to drive, but I already have my permit. Can I get training with an instructor at your school?

  • Yes! If you are between 15- 18 years old, enroll in our Teen Drivers Ed, then we can send E-waiver to DOL so that they can issue you a permit.
  • If you don't want to enroll in Teen Drivers Ed, you may pass the written Test if you are 15 ½ or older.

Where do I get my instruction permit?

  • We do not issue a driver's instruction permit at our school. Only the Department of Licensing issues instruction permits or driver's licenses. So, you must go to the DMV to be issued your permit or driver's license. For more info, check dol.wa.gov
  • If you are under 18, when you go to the DMV office to get your instruction permit, you must take one of your Parents/ Legal Guardians, an Original birth certificate or passport, a social security card, and Corrective lenses, if needed, for the vision test.

When can I take the Department of Licensing Written Knowledge and driving Skills Test after completing the course?

  • You can take the written knowledge test after completing the course. We recommend students take their written Test right away. Since it's easy to forget some of the things they learned during the classroom sessions.
  • For the Driving skill Test, you must wait at least five months after completing your course.
  • Yes, safety is our top priority. Yes, we offer one-on-one driving lessons to help you gain confidence. Sign up... Bring your permit during your practice.

How old do you have to be to get a Driving license without taking Teen Drivers Ed?

  • You must be at least 18 years old. And pass both the written and the driving skill test.
  • After taking a Teen Driver Education course, you need 50 hours of driving practice with your family or anyone with five years of driving experience for six months from the date you get your driving instruction permit. You must pass the written Test and driving skill test. Then, you may go to the Department of licensing to get your license.

I gave up my license because of a DWI and but it's time now to get my license. What do I need to do?

  • You need to pass your written Test, and then you can take the driving skill test. However, you will need to bring your car for the driving test. You will need an Ignition Interlock device installed in your car and SR 22. insurance

After I pass the written or driving skill test, when will my test result be submitted to the department of licensing?

    • We submit your test result within 24 hours; you may go to the local driver's license office, preferably the next day after you pass a written or driving skill test. Please talk to the front desk if you need your test result immediately. (if we are not too busy, we may report to DOL immediately).

Cancelation of a driving practice

Every attempt must be made to meet your BTW drive lesson appointment. If you cannot make it for any reason, you must notify the school within 48 hours to reschedule your appointment. Missed appointments are considered NO-SHOW, and you lose your drive. Please our school policy before you purchase any packages of driving lessons or DOL driver's license Tests. 

How Do I record my 50 hours of driving time with my parents? 

Please print the form below and start logging your hours. Or download the RoadReady app on your phone. It's Free. It has a lot of helpful info on how to train your Teen. Good luck!

Please CTRL+Click to open the Link.

OR Please copy-paste it onto your browser to open the PDF.

The parents supervised the Program.

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