Adult Driver Training

Seattle Driving Academy has extended services to include an adult driving program, which offers behind-the-wheel instruction to adults over 18. We offer Teen Drivers a range of complete driver training packages, including Behind The Wheel, observation, and simulator training.

Our professional, friendly, and energetic instructors are Washington State Certified with many years of driving experience and the ability to teach you everything you need to know about driving. Whether you are an adult new to the United States, an international student, or you want to get familiar with Washington State’s driving laws, we can help! An Hour Behind The Wheel Lessons is 50 50-minute drive time so that we can get prepared for the next student. An Hour and a half Behind the Wheel lessons are 80 minutes. For Adult drivers, we have pickups and drop-offs when you request, but we may finish 10 minutes early so that we have enough time to go to the next student.

Note: There are no pickup and drop-off services for the Official Driving skill Test. If you are taking your driving test right after your last drive, we can pick you up, but we do not drop you off after finishing the driving Test.

Adult Drivers Training

Service Prices Link
1 1/2 Hour Driving Lesson + Pickup and Drop Off $149 Book Now
3 Hour Lesson Package + Pickup and Drop Off $290 Buy Now
6 Hour Lesson Package + Pickup and Drop Off  $565 Buy Now
9 Hour Lesson Package + Pickup and Drop Off +  Driving  Skill Test (compliment) $860 Buy Now
12 Hour Lesson Package + Pickup and Drop Off +  Driving Test (compliment) $1150 Buy Now
15 Hour Lesson Package + Pickup and Drop Off +Driving Test (compliment) $1315 Buy Now
1 Hour Driving Lesson  $95 Book Now
3-Hour Lesson Package  $250 Buy Now
6-Hour Lesson Package  $490 Buy Now
9-Hour Lesson Package $725 Buy Now
12-Hour Lesson Package $960 Buy Now
15-Hour Lesson Package $1170 Buy Now

We provide pickup and drop-off services from Downtown Seattle, South Lake Union, Capital Hill, Lower Queen Ann, First Hill, and Madrona Neighborhood, Madison Park, Bacon Hill, and Seattle Central District.

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